Sunday, October 2, 2011

How would you like over $400 in CTMH Goodies for only $99?

Yes, you read my post title correctly. Close to my Heart has done it again! During the month of October, you can get over $400 worth of CTMH goodies for only $99.*

Sign up as a new Consultant between October 1–31 and receive one New Consultant Kit add-on collection of your choice FREE! Add-on collections are priced at $40 each and have a retail value of up to $130, making this an incredible deal!
For just a $99 enrollment fee, you'll receive a New Consultant Kit packed with business essentials and new products valued at over $280, plus a FREE add-on collection to enhance your kit! Then you can choose to buy one or both of the other add-on collections for just $40 each. It's an incredible deal!

If you love Close to my Heart products, I have a quick little quiz for you take. Your results will show you exactly how you can fit in with Close to my Heart. (Feel free to choose more than one option.)

Which statement fits me best?
   A. I love to try my hand at new crafting techniques.
   B. When I am excited about something new, I love share it with my friends.
   C. I'd like a way to earn money that allows me to be flexible with my time.

If someone gave me $5,000, I would:
   A. Buy every item on crafting wish list.
   B. Take all of my friends on a three-day retreat.
   C. Buy stock in a diverse investment portfolio.

What do I find most rewarding?
   A. Giving someone a meaningful gift I have made.
   B. Being surrounded by a supportive group of friends.
   C. Reaching lofty goals I have set for myself.

Number one on my wish list is:
   A. A new craft room so I can create to my heart's content.
   B. Girl's Night Out eight nights a week.
   C. Financial freedom (or at least some pocket money!).

Your results:
If you answered mostly A's, you would make a great Customer Consultant!
If you answered mostly B's, you would make a wonderful Hobbyist!
If you answered mostly C's, you would be a fabulous Business Builder!
If you chose A, B, and C, you fit into all 3 categories.

I would love for you to post your results in the comments below. It will be fun to see everyone's answers. Feel free to post questions as well and I will do my best to answer every single one.

Basically, if you love Close to my Heart products, there is a place for you within this amazing company. There is a place for everyone including the Personal Use Consultant and the Business Builder and everything in between.

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* Plus tax and shipping. Value depends on which add on options you choose.

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