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Do you love Close to my Heart products? Would you like to get all of your CTMH products at a discount without having to meet quarterly minimums? The VIP Customer Program may be perfect for you! 

Watch the video below for more information.

Below are some frequently asked questions about the new VIP Customer Program:
  1. How much is the membership fee?
    The annual membership fee is $35, and you get a $15 credit to apply towards your first order. 
  2. What are the benefits of being a CTMH VIP? There are tons of benefits including:
    • Initial sign up bonus of $15 in VIP credit
    • 15% credit earned on every order
    • One free stamp of the month set each month with a qualifying order of $50
    • Additional Exclusive special offers throughout the year
  3. How do I sign up as a VIP?
    You can sign up on my website here. After completing the sign-up form and paying the sign up fee, your VIP membership will be active.
  4. How do I earn VIP credits?
    VIP credits are earned when a VIP customer places an order. After submitting the order, your credits will be added to your account. The credits will be equal to 15% of the product total (not including tax or shipping.)
  5. Will I earn VIP credits on Craft with Heart subscriptions?
    No. Credits will not be earned on Craft with Heart subscriptions.
  6. Do my VIP credits expire?
    No. As long as you retain an active VIP membership, your credits will not expire.
  7. Can I save my credits or do I need to use them all at once
    Yes. You can save up your credits and use them whenever you like.
  8. Are there limitations on items that can be purchased with VIP credit
    VIP credits can be used to purchase most products, however there are a few exceptions. The following cannot be purchased using VIP credits: Craft with Heart Subscriptions, Annual VIP customer renewals, purchases, Maker enrollment fee, discounted products (including specials and clearance items.)
  9. How do I use my VIP credits
    When placing an order on my website, you will have the option to apply credits on the shopping cart page. After adding items to your cart, you may choose how many credits to apply before checking out.
  10. How can I earn a free Stamp of the Month?
    When you place an order of at least $50, you will be able to add the current Stamp of the Month set to your order for free! The qualifying total must be reached on a single order.
  11. Does redeeming VIP credit affect my qualifying purchase for the free Stamp of the Month?
    No, because VIP credits are redeemed after you qualify for the free SOTM, redeeming credits will not affect the free SOTM. For example, if you place an order of $50 and receive the SOTM for free and then redeem $25 in VIP credit, you will still get the SOTM for free.
  12. Can I order from a different Maker’s website and still get the same VIP benefits
    You will only receive the benefits, including the ability to earn or redeem VIP credits, when ordering through the CTMH Maker with whom you are affiliated. 
  13. Can I order through another Maker’s website without using my VIP benefits?
    Yes. You may order from any Maker’s website but you will not receive any VIP benefits, including the ability to earn or redeem credits.
  14. Can I cancel my membership?
    Yes. You may cancel your VIP membership in the Account settings section of my website. Any VIP credits in your account will expire upon cancellation.
  15. Do VIP memberships renew automatically?
    Yes, VIP memberships renew automatically each year on the first day of the month following your sign-up date. For example, if you signed up on January 1, 2021, your renewal date will be February 1, 2021.
Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions. I’d be more than happy to chat with you.

If you’d like to build a business, then joining Close to my Heart as a Maker may be a better option for you. You can visit the “Join my Team” page here for more info. If you’d simply like to get a discount on your products with no obligations, the VIP program is the way to go.


Have questions? Feel free to contact me.
Are you ready to become a VIP? Click here

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