Sunday, June 23, 2024

New Craft Room Workstation

I am in the process of updating my craft room. I purchased a new workstation couple of days ago that has an opening on one side for me to sit and shelves on the other side. It was actually a health issue that prompted me to purchase this new workstation. I am constantly having issues with my back and last week when I had my latest adjustment, my neuro-release guy said that I had 3 ribs out again in addition to being totally "out of wack." When he asked what I do all day, I told him I was papercrafting and cutting a lot of cardstock. Apparently my previous workstation was too low and I was twisting and doing some other things that my back didn't like. (Who knew that crafting could be hazardous to your health! LOL)

I found this amazing piece of furniture at IKEA and decided to give it a try because it is much higher than my previous workstation. It is actually a kitchen island, but I thought it would be perfect for my studio. The only problem is that the bar stool that I ordered is too tall. I needed to get the smaller one. I'll have to see if I can exchange it.

I have had lots of requests to do a craft room tour video. Stay tuned because that is on my list!

If you are interested, here is a link to the island and here is a link to the correct sized bar stool. (I ordered the 29" one, but I think I should have ordered the 25" one.)

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