Saturday, January 24, 2015

10 Wonderful Years and Counting...

Today is my 10 year anniversary with Close to my Heart. As many of you know, I signed up as a Consultant because I took a look at the catalog and decided that hosting a party wasn't going to be enough. Even though I knew I would earn some free goodies for hosting a party, I wanted EVERYTHING in the catalog. So...I decided to sign up so that I could get a discount on the products for myself and maybe a few friends.

Who knew that over the next few years, I would end up teaching others how to use the products and how to tap into their creativity to create beautiful projects?

Who knew that I would make friends around the world who share in my passion for paper crafting?

Who knew that I would be taken out of my comfort zone to teach classes and do presentations to over 1,500 crafters on a stage with a microphone (my biggest fear!)

Who knew that I would be challenged creatively and asked to design projects for a publication?

Who knew that I would earn trips to exotic places and get to share the adventures with my hubby and kiddos?

Who knew that I would earn enough money, doing something that I love, to help with our household and medical expenses?

Who knew that I would be asked for my opinions and suggestions by the Corporate Executives and Staff and ultimately become friends with some of the most wonderful people at Close to my Heart?

Who knew that I would end up leading a team of women across the county and help many of them turn their hobby into a lucrative business like I did?

...and who knew that I would enjoy the process so much? I am truly thankful for all of the opportunities that CTMH has given to me and my family over the years and most importantly I am thankful for the friendships that I have gained along the way. I look forward to the next 10 years of creative, personal, and professional growth! Thank you CTMH!!!