Monday, August 13, 2012

Recruit for Loot Winner

Close To My Heart offered an incentive to reward one lucky consultant for their great recruiting and mentoring efforts! At our convention, the winner was drawn and announced - Noreen Petty!

Noreen is a firecracker and an amazing woman! Wait till you see what she won! A 3 minute, timed shopping spree in the Close To My Heart warehouse! She got to keep all she could grab in that time! Check out the uniform she designed, complete with jumbo pants to stuff products in!

Check out this video! I love how Close To My Heart goes above and beyond to pamper us and create amazing experiences! Way to go Noreen!


  1. What an incentive and if you are going to win, this would be the one to win! Love the video and enjoyed how the company really went all out with this -- adorable!