Friday, June 1, 2012

Birthdays are great at any age!

A few years ago I started to get a little sad on my birthday because I thought it just meant getting older. But I quickly realized that every day that the Lord allows me to be here with my friends and family, is a day to be thankful and a time to rejoice!

Yesterday I celebrated my 42nd birthday and I am so very thankful for all of the blessings that I received in just one day! The day started off with an adorable handmade card (made from white cardstock and crayons) from my hubby! With all of my crafty tools at his disposal, those are the ones he chose to use. LOL! I loved it! (Blessing #1) Then my hubby was kind enough to drop my son off at school so that I could sleep in just a few extra minutes than usual. (Blessing #2)

Then after getting up and getting ready, I asked my 5 year what we should do for the day and she quickly replied, “Let's go to Starbucks for breakfast and then go get our nails done.” Great idea! That’s exactly what we did. I used my free birthday drink coupon from Starbucks to get an awesome Iced Passion Tea Lemonade. Yummy! Then we went to the mall get our nails done.  While we were there, we did a little shopping. (I’m not sure if I should be excited or worried that my 5 year old daughter loves to shop! LOL!) It was a great mother/daughter afternoon. (Blessing #3)

(We weren’t sure what all of the markings meant on my Starbucks cup, so we decided that “PTL” stood for ”Praise the Lord.”)

To finish off the day, I had the honor of celebrating with some of my favorite CTMH peeps — my Consultant Club gals. They surprised me with the most adorable, yummy cake and some fun gifts! (Blessing #4)

During our Club, Vanessa Garcia led us in making a super cute layout using the Footloose paper packet and the template from the Stella Workshop on the Go! (Now, I just need to find some beachy photos to add.) There’s nothing I’d rather be doing on my birthday than scrapping with some good friends! (Blessing #5)

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who called, sent e-mails, posted b-day wishes on my Facebook page, and most importantly a big thank you to the Lord who allowed me to celebrate one more year of blessings! I am TRULY blessed!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Dear Friend!
    So sorry I did not email you yesterday. I thought about you all day!
    Glad it was a special one!
    Looking forward to seeing you in Dallas!


  2. Happy birthday! You deserve the best!!

  3. Yep, I missed yesterday too! So glad you had such a fabo day! LOVE the cake! Here's to a SECOND day of Birthday Blessings! I'm not really late......I'm just extending the celebration! :o)

  4. the codes on the drink me passion tea lemonade 2 pumps classic syrup. i was a barista for 6 years. i cant help it. have a happy birthday

  5. I'm glad you had a great time celebrating your birthday. I wish you many more!