Thursday, December 22, 2011

Peppermint Bark Snowflakes

As many of you know, I am not very crafty in the kitchen, but I do like to make my neighbors something fun each year for Christmas. I have made them all kinds of fun gifts, but this year, being that I am running out of time, and I haven’t been feeling very well for the past few days, I opted for something quick and easy. 


I found these cute Wilton's peppermint bark kits that included everything I needed: snowflake cookie cutters, dark chocolate, peppermint chocolate, melting bags, clear gift bags, gift tags, and even the silver string to tie them up. PERFECT! I bought 4 boxes of them and have actually been having fun in the kitchen today. Can you believe it? Me having fun in the kitchen! LOL! The chocolate melts very easily and I just piped the dark chocolate into the cookie cutters first. Then I put the tray in the fridge for a few minutes to harden them. Then I melted the peppermint chocolate and piped it on top, chilled them again for a few minutes and they were done!

I put them each in their own baggie and tied them with the silver string provided. I was going to make my own tags, but thought, “Why not just stamp on the ones that came in the kit?” I stamped the background first with a few small snowflakes from the Snowflake stamp set in Heavenly Blue. Then I stamped our own personal message on top in Cocoa ink. Did you know that you can order a personalized stamp that says anything you like? I ordered a stamp that said, “Merry Christmas ~ From the Stenz Family” and used it to stamp the tags. I actually cut the stamp and stacked the words on my block so they would fit on the tag. Can’t do that with a rubber stamp! I love my acrylic stamps!

One of my neighbors actually emailed me and asked for my peppermint bark recipe. I had to humbly tell her that it was a Wilton kit and that I didn’t make it from scratch. But I was thrilled that she liked it enough to ask for the recipe. *Ü*

   Happy Crafting (and Cooking)!


  1. I really love these, Lisa! What a cute idea :o)

  2. Brilliant!!!!! Quick, darling, easy and thoughtful! Thanks for always sharing!

  3. What a fast and cute idea I am going to remember this for next year. Loved it. Thanks, Sherrie