Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Are you still intimidated by Studio J? Then you must read this post!

Hi Everyone! We are finally home from our trip to Wisconsin. We had a great time, although I am now finding that I am super behind with my emails and Convention projects that I was hoping to have finished by now. (I have some great photos to share with you later.)

Before we even unpacked this morning, my 7 year old son was begging me to show him how to use Studio J so he could create a layout with some of the photos from our trip. So, while the laundry and emails await, I showed him how to use Studio J and this is what he created...

Click on the image to see it larger.

Yes, my 7 YEAR OLD just created this in about 15 minutes this morning and was thrilled to order a FREE JPEG file so he could download it to his computer, share it online, and print it out here at home. He likes it so much that we may even order a print of it next month. He is so proud! So, let me tell you that if my 7 year old son can create a layout using Studio J, so can you! *Ü*

Be sure to take advantage of the FREE JPEG file promotion that ends tomorrow, June 30th! You can create your layout for FREE, order a FREE JPEG file, and download it within minutes, just like we did this morning!

Click here to read more about Studio J and what to do with all of those digital photos you have sitting on your SD cards or computer!

Contact me if you have any questions. I’d love to sit down with you and help you get started creating beautiful, quick and easy scrapbook pages!

Or click here to get started now!


  1. LOL! Will he give me lessons? Just kidding...I easily figured it out and created some great stuff myself! Fast and easy!