Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy National Scrapbooking Month!

Hooray! May is here! May is my favorite month, not only because it is my birthday month, but also because it is National Scrapbooking Month! It’s the perfect time to celebrate the reasons why we scrapbook. Preserving our memories is so important and I am thankful that Close to my Heart has made it faster, simpler, and easier! I know I already posted the FANTASTIC opportunities that are available this month, but I wanted to remind you that starting today, you can take advantage of all of the great deals including the 50% of New Consultant Kit and the FREE You & Me Kit! Click here to see my previous post with all of the details.

Click on the video below to see all that you can do with the beautiful You & Me Kit!

  • If you are someone who never pays full price and is looking for a deal on papercrafting supplies and online scrapbooking - this is PERFECT FOR YOU!

  • If you are someone who could use a little extra money to pay for dance lessons or groceries or a family vacation - this is PERFECT FOR YOU!

  • If you are someone who is looking for a rewarding career with a multitude of benefits - this is PERFECT FOR YOU!
You might be thinking....."Are there any strings attached to this unbelievable deal?"
Good question! Actually - NO!
By purchasing this kit, you have the "opportunity" to get a discount on all your supplies or earn extra money or build a rewarding career. You also have the "option" of doing nothing else! So really, you can't go wrong!!

You might be thinking....."I have a busy life and a full schedule. Can I actually earn a little extra money without a lot of effort?"
Good question! Actually - YES!
Do you have 2 or 3 friends who would love to get together with you once a month to create projects or get caught up on scrapbooking? By setting aside one evening a month, you can have a girl's night out "with a purpose"! And as they fall in love with Close To My Heart products, their purchases will put extra money in your pocket - or at the very least allow you to get your supplies for FREE! So really, you can't go wrong!!

You might be thinking....."Can I really turn my hobby into a rewarding career with substantial income?"
Good question! Actually - YES!

Close To My Heart has a very generous compensation plan that includes not only cash, but FREE product, exotic trips for two, recognition and rewards at all levels, online and regional training, annual events, the list goes on and on! As with anything, the more effort you put in, the greater your reward. And this is not a "get rich quick" scheme. Consistency over time brings results! And I have to share that this is the MOST REWARDING job I have EVER had! I absolutely LOVE what I do! We have the best products in the industry, our product line is diverse to appeal to even more people, and Close To My Heart has the most talented and supportive staff and executive team in the industry working around the clock to help you succeed! In addition, I also offer one-on-one training and mentoring to help you get off to a great start and achieve your dreams! So really, you can't go wrong!!

To take advantage of this deal, click here or contact me if you have any questions!

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