Sunday, January 2, 2011

Treasure Life Notecard Gift Set

I know you are probably tired of seeing me post cards using the Treasure Life stamp set, but I simply cannot stop. I just love this set! We are heading out to some friend’s house in a little while and I really wanted to bring them something to thank them for inviting our family over for dinner. They are a sweet family from church that just became missionaries. They are constantly sending out notes and thank you cards to their supporters, so I thought a note card set would be appropriate.
Gotta run or we’ll be late. Have a blessed evening! *Ü*


ETA: I have had a few questions about how I made the cards. They were actually pretty simple. I created the border and the personalization on the computer in Adobe Illustrator using a free font called CAC Pinafore. After I printed them out on cardstock, I stamped the flowers and I was done. The hardest part of the whole project was trying to get my cardstock to go through the printer without jamming. LOL! After I made all the cards, I put them in a clear box and tied some Cocoa grosgrain ribbon around it.

All Supplies used at CTMH unless otherwise noted:
: Treasure Life,
Everyday Blessings (PTI) used on bag
: Smoothie, Sweet Leaf, Créme Brulee, Sky
: Cocoa, Colonial White
: Cocoa Grosgrain Ribbon, CAC Pinafor Font


  1. These note cards are so beautiful! Can you please provide details on how you made them? Thanks!

  2. Beautiful gift set, Lisa. I love this stamp set, too. Happy New Year!

  3. Yes, they are beautiful. How did you do the personalization?

  4. I love it when you use this set because the cards are gorgeous! I already had to case the last one you did...I am going to have to case this one too. Love this set and LOOOVE what you have done here!!!

  5. Hi Lisa, I get your blog posts sent to my email so I don't comment as much as I should! But I just love this notecard set! I love the colors you chose, the simplicity, and the personalization. I just got Creative Suite so I just may have to try my hand at hybrid cardmaking :) Love it! This stamp set is just perfect.

  6. Once again, beautiful work and a great inspiration. Thank you for sharing your talents with me. I, too, cannot get enough of this stamp set - it's a staple for me. Best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year to you and your family.

  7. I have long loved Treasure Life (had to re-purchase it as someone borrowed it and never returned it) and absolutely adore all your cards using it! You give me plenty of inspiration! Thanks, Lisa!

  8. Oh I love these!! Just wanted to pop over and visit your blog! YOU are very talented!! I will be adding you to my google reader! :) Thanks for visiting me and for your sweet comment! As usual... when I post something like that...the devil works hard to try and make me feel stupid so I appreciate your kind words very very much! :)

  9. Lisa, these are SO cute! I hope you don't mind if I copy them and certainly give you credit. :o)