Thursday, December 16, 2010

Special Gift from CTMH

Look what Close to my Heart sent me for Christmas! Wow! What a wonderful surprise to open my mailbox and see a CTMH package inside. I must tell you that Close to my Heart is so good to their Consultants. Look at this beautiful bracelet! I LOVE it and can’t wait to wear it. Thank you Jeanette and the rest of the CTMH Gang!!

Would you like to join this fabulous company and be able to purchase some amazing products at a great discount? How about starting your own business where you are the boss and you decide where and when you want to “work.” I put the word “work” in quotes, because it really isn’t like work. It’s more of a fun hobby where you can make money. OK, let’s just call it a “jobby!” LOL! So, how would you like to make Close to my Heart your “jobby?”

Click here to read about the new Consultant Kit and some reasons why you might like to join my team today!
Click here to contact me with any questions you may have.
Click here to sign up.

I love my “jobby!” *Ü*


  1. The bracelet is indeed beautiful. You are so good at your jobby!

  2. Ooooooo - I'm SO jealous!!!!
    It's beautiful! Looks like more Brighton to add to your collection....see you soon my friend!