Monday, September 6, 2010

Have you heard of Swagbucks?

OK, so I may be the last person in the world to hear about Swagbucks. I found out about them recently and am really excited. It is so much fun. I created an account and have been able to save a ton of money on all kinds of things from getting discount coupons to my favorite restaurants to getting great deals on back to school items for the kiddos. The best part is that I can earn "Swag Buck" points and turn them in for all kinds of things. I am saving them up to exchange for some Amazon gift cards. How cool is that? It’s like free money!

If you have never checked it out, click on the link below and you can see some of the great things for yourself. If you create an account from the link below, we both get Swag Bucks randomly when you do a search using their search engine. How cool! LOL!

Search & Win

Here is how it works:

First off you should know that Swagbucks is a search engine powered by Google and Ask that pays you to use their site. All you have to do is just register with Swagbucks and instead of searching the Internet as you normally would using your usual search engine, you use theirs. It is that easy.

When you register with Swagbucks you do not need to give out any address, phone number or even any credit card info. Pretty cool, huh? When you register, you’re already started out with 30 Swagbucks in your account. They also have random codes that you can input to get extra Swag Bucks. Today on their blog they have a special Labor Day code that will get you an extra 9 Swag Bucks. Sweet, huh? After you are registered go fill out your PROFILES section for even more Swagbucks.

I then suggest downloading the Swagbucks toolbar because it’s a great source of free codes and you can always see your Swagbuck balance. Oh, they also give you a free Swagbuck daily just for having the toolbar too!

Once you have the toolbar, just enter your search terms into the search box as you would with any search engine. You’ll get your search results and every so often you’ll also be rewarded with Swagbucks. There’s no special way to search to win and there are no certain number of searches that you need to make to win. It seems to be a completely random process. You won’t win with every search, but you will win at times.

Happy Swagging. *Ü*

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  1. Nope! You are NOT the last person to hear about this. Apparently I AM! :o) Thanks for sharing. I just downloaded it!