Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kid's Coloring Birthday Card Sets for the Gogos

It is that time of the month again. (No, not that time silly!) It is time for me to post our monthly Gogo's Workshop Project. If you would like to read more about the Gogo Grandmother's Workshops, click here. If you would like to read more about this amazing charity, click here.

This month we made some really cute birthday card packs for children. I wish I could take credit for the idea, but I must give credit to the always lovely and amazingly talented Vicki Wizniuk, who got the idea from Debi Davis. I love the creative circle. LOL! Each pack contains 5 cards, 5 envelopes, and 6 mini crayons. I have to tell you that these crayons are so tiny and so cute and were soooo inexpensive. I got 48 packs of them for only $7.99 at Oriental Trading Company. I was just going to put the entire box in the bag, but they looked cuter in the little zip lock jewelry bags that I just happened to have on hand.

This is what the single cards and envelopes look like:
We used the B&T papers from the Daydream and Stardust Paper Packets along with the matching outlined stamp sets Happy Endings and Reach for the Stars. The “Happy Birthday” is from the retired Nursery Bash set.

This is what each card says on the inside.
This is what the whole package looks like.
The bags also came from Oriental Trading Company. The cards fit perfectly in them.
The Gogos Brunch and Boutique where these and many other great handmade items will be sold is coming up on Saturday, February, 20th. Contact me if you are in the San Diego, Riverside, L.A., or Orange County areas and would like to attend.


  1. These are great Lisa! I've always wanted to make some of these since seeing Vicki's. I'm so glad you posted where you got the crayons, that's the thing that's stopped me from doing these in the past. Off to Oriental Trading I go... Good luck with your event!

  2. Hi Lisa!
    I found you again on my gogograndmother Google Alerts.
    You do such a great job sharing the story and helping out in so many creative ways. I hope I get to see you at the boutique and luncheon.

    Leslie Lewis

  3. as always LOVE IT! so glad you've shared with us again. I've been wanting to make some thanks for the inspiration.