Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lots of Answers and the Blog Candy Winner

Wow! I am amazed at how many people commented on my blog candy post. Thank you so much for the sweet emails and comments. I am touched. I absolutely loved reading every single one of your comments. It is great to see that I am not alone in loving my CTMH “Consultantship” and their great products! LOL! A lot of you had some really great questions and since I promised to post the answers, here ya go... (I know this is kind of long, but hang in there. The blog candy winner is posted at the bottom.)
  • Nicole said...I am a former and soon to be consultant. Knowing this I’d like to ask you if you would share a tip or two about how to grow a successful business, after you've used up your friends as customers.
    Nicole, the best advise I can give is to share your love of CTMH products with everyone. I am always amazed at how many people love to stamp and scrapbook. People I thought would never in a million years be interested are just as addicted love the hobby as much as I do. LOL!
  • Sheila said...I sometimes think about being a consultant to earn some extra money, but I guess I'm afraid to try. How to you overcome the fear factor?
    Sheila, you will never know what you are capable of unless you try. Someone once told me to face my fears and I might be surprised. She was right. I never thought I could do what I am doing, but I am and I love it. Getting out of my comfort zone was hard, but so worth it!
  • Holly a consultant are there requirements for minimum purchases per month or quarter?? and what percentage do make on a sale??
    Holly, our minimums are very low. We only need to have $300 in orders (retail) each quarter. I can do that with my own personal orders! LOL! The commission we make ranges from 22% - 34% depending on how much you have in sales for that month. Plus, there are lots of other ways to earn free product, incentive trips, and additional commission on your downline.
  • Connie K. said...Hmmm, I guess I would most like to know what the minimums are...I guess you have a successful enough business now that you don't have to worry about minimums, but when you were starting out, how did you begin to build your business up?
    Connie, as I mentioned above the minimums are $300 (before our discount) per quarter. The easiest way to meet the minimum is to host a gathering twice a month and/or have a monthly club. The way I started out was to host a home gathering for all of my family and friends. A few of them hosted gatherings for me and then I got to meet some of their friends that I didn't know who wanted to host a gathering. Once you are able to branch out from your friends and family, the possibilities are endless.
  • Jacklyn-Jessa said...My question is similar to another one, but important to me if I consider becoming a consultant. Being with military, we are constantly moving. I've been here for over 2 years and still barely know anyone. I'll be moving again within 6 months and need to know how to get a business going, knowing how hard it is to meet people sometimes. Especially with a tough economy right now... what would be a good way to get started? Thanks for the chance to win an awesome collection of products! Congrats on your 5 years!
    Jacklyn-Jessa, moving a lot can be tough, but I know a lot of successful consultants who do it. Are there military families that you know or others on base that might be interested? I would suggest hosting a free crop when you move to anyone who might be interested. Then you will get a chance to meet others with the same interests. Then you can build from there. Maybe start a club. If you get a MyCTMH website, you can still get orders online from people after you move. Just keep in contact with them via email each month.
  • Heather & Guy said...I am not a consultant but have thought about it in the past. I am not sure how to build a customer base with out pestering friends and family to host parties; is there another way? Congratulations on your five year anniversary!
    Heather, I totally here ya! I did not want to join CTMH for that very reason. I try not to be pushy because I really dislike it when people are pushy with me. I just let people know what I do and if they are interested in hearing more, they usually ask. I like to leave fliers and Idea Books at my kid’s schools, in doctor’s offices etc. That way people can contact me if theya re interested.
  • Anonymous said...Congratulations Lisa on your anniversary. I am not a consultant but if I were to become one, I don't know how I would find customers. There are a lot of CTMH consultants in the area, so what could I do to make me stand out above the rest?
    Connie (
    Connie, there are lots of things that you can do to get customers. CTMH has a Consultant Finder where local people can find you which is great. You can offer classes that other Consultants might not offer. You can also work together with other local Consultants in doing Expos and Tradeshows and split any leads that you might get.
  • Michell Page Morgan said...I love reading your Blog Lisa. I had attempted to be a CTMH Consultant. I have a daughter that is special needs (quadleplegic with cerebral palsy) I have a difficult time holding classes as something always seems to come up as I am her sole caregiver. Hubby works shifts. So, I love love love the CTMH Products. I never have to hunt for things to MATCh as it all does... My best work comes out when I do use my CTMH products. We recently moved back to our home town after being away 9 years.We feel so blessed because I hve found a group of ladies that asked me to hold a Crop night/classes when the Youth Group meets at our Church. It is so fun and out little group is starting to grow. The only thng was when I started the group with the Children's Pastor - I wanted to just start teh group- I didnt want to make it "Sales" it was to be FREE & From My heart. Well it is starting to grow into a "fellowship group" for us ladies. I feel so blessed! My daughter just went into the hospital for the week and all my new friends were praying for my daughter - got us thru the rough time! So I love my Scrapbooking is truly a ministry now! So Now I need to buy a kit and begin my Business. The ladies say that they would want to buy CTMH stuff. So I feel led to figure out a way to start up my biz. You could email me some suggestions on how to get goin?
    Michell, I sent you an email earlier in the week. (If you didn’t get it, check your spam folder. My emails have been known to end up there.) My heart goes out to you and your daughter. Feel free to email me if you didn’t get my email. It was kind of long. *Ü*

  • triciagall said...What is one piece of advice you can give that you learned about the business side of CTMH that has made you successfull?
    Traciagall, I don’t know that I would call myself “successful.” I would say that I am thrilled to be blessed with some wonderful customers who have become my friends, so I would say that I am grateful for that! One of the things that I think is really important in this business, and in life in general, is to always be honest. My customers know that I love CTMH products but that I think there are other great products out there too. I try to be honest if they ask me about a certain product. They know I am not out there just to make a sale, but to truly help them make their crafting faster, simpler, and easier. So when I do recommend a product, they trust me. Also, I do my very best to offer good customer service. I try to put the customer first and do everything I can to help them if there is a problem or they are unhappy with something.

  • Me and My Memories said...I have been a consultant for 5 years also, and we are military so I have to rebuild my customer base all the time. How do you get people committed in this economy, and to inspire others. Thanks for sharing your GREAT art. Blessings.
    “Me and my Memories,” I know that everyone is a bit strapped right now and that the economy is making it hard for many to place orders. That is one reason I changed my Monthly Club to a no-commitment club. This way my customers can come and make a great project for only $5 or they can place an order if they are able to. It can change from month to month, so the new club format has been a great way to keep people inspired.

  • Phoenix said...I think about being a consultant every time a place a large order ;-) I guess I haven't mainly because I'm concerned I wouldn't make the minimum requirements (whatever they are). Also, as a city dweller, it is sometimes very difficult to meet people who share your interests.
    Phoenix, if you are already placing large orders here and there, you may actually save money by becoming a Consultant. For only $99, you can get over $300 worth of goodies and then get a minimum of 22% discount on all of your future orders. The quarterly minimum is $300, but if you do not make that in one quarter, you will drop down to a Junior Consultant and still get a 10% discount on all of your orders. As a Junior Consultant, you only need to place $100 in orders per year! Once you place $300 in orders in any given quarter, you automatically jump back up to full consultant status. It is a great deal!
  • Stacie said...Yes, I have thought about being a consultant, but I just don't think I have the time to put into it as a business. I barley have time to scrap and keep current. I'm not sure what the minimum sales requirements are or if I could even maintain it. Who knows, maybe someday. Meanwhile, I really enjoy your posts.
    Stacie, I am so glad you enjoy my posts. *Ü* I find that many people don’t think they have the time. Some people just sign up to get the discount for themselves (hobbyists) and some people just have one club that meets once a month and that’s it. With that they meet their minimums. Plus, Studio J is coming out soon and once people start using it, they will realize that scrapbooking can be done in MUCH less time! They will be able to order directly form your website and there won’t be a lot of time spent on your end.

  • Anonymous said...WOW!!! 5 YEARS?! That is quite an CONGRATS and thank you for sharing your talents with all of us! As for a question, what are your top 5 reasons for becoming a CTMH consultant? -KT
    KT, great questions. Let’s see, my top 5 reasons for being a CTMH Consultant are:
  1. Get a great discount on awesome products.
  2. Get fabulous creative and business training online and at Corporate events.
  3. Have met the most wonderful people and made great friends.
  4. Able to support my addiction hobby with my income. (No more explaining to my hubby why I NEED a certain crafting tool, more papers or stamps. LOL!)
  5. I am able to preserve my family’s memories while making money at the same time.
  • Tammy said...Congratulations on 5 years as a consultant and for all the success you've had. I am not a consultant, but I have considered it many times. I love the products, but I am not sure how to become a successful consultant. What are some things you would suggest to make a successful business with limited funds to invest up front and few contacts for potential customers?
    Tammy, the main kit is only $99 and you get enough to get you started. CTMH has amazing online training classes, bulletin boards, and other things to help you get started. Start with your closest friend and family and then ask them to either host a gathering with their friends and family or maybe to share your new business with others. Once you find people outside your “inner circle” things will take off. The more new people you meet, the more gatherings you will have and so on. It may not happen over night, but then again it just may. I was surprised at how many people wanted to have parties after they came to my kick off party. Also, your Upline (the person you sign up under) should be available to help you as well.

  • Michelle said...Congrats! I wondered if your blog increases your business sales. or, is your business dependant on the classes that you teach.
    Michelle, my blog has increased my sales and my team a bit, but the best way to do that is by having home gatherings (parties.) I love my blog because it is a way to “meet” people with the same interests all over the world who I may never have met otherwise. The blog is a great tool, but home gatherings and workshops are where I meet a majority of my customers.

  • Hanna Ahn said...Hi Lisa, I actually started as a consultant in Decemeber so I am still new. Same as you, joined to get discounts on wonderful products, but eventually hope to get a business going - maybe when my kids get a little older. How do I follow your blog? I don't see a google following widget thing on yours. My question is is: How do you attract customers if no one you know likes scrapbooking?
    Hanna Ahn, if you open up google reader, you can copy and paste my blog address into the new subscriptions section. Or you can scroll down on the right side of my blog and sign up with Feedblitz to get an email when I post. Feedblitz is a bit delayed though. You may not get an email until the next day. I actually prefer Google Reader. As far as attracting customers who don’t scrapbook, I would teach them how to make cards and gift items with our products. We have some GREAT how-to books with card templates such as
    Originals and Wishes.
  • maiahs_momma said...What is your favorite CTMH product that you constantly use?? inky Hugs, Catherine
    Catherine, oh my. Do I have to choose just one? LOL! I would have to say that I am completely addicted to the My Acrylix stamp sets. I am so spoiled with the clear stamps now that I just can’t bring myself to use rubber anymore. My second choice would be the How-To Books. I love that the cutting guides are given to us. It makes my scrapbooking and card making faster, simpler, and easier for sure!

Thank you all for asking such great questions. If anyone has more questions, feel free to email me at I would be happy to answer them. Also, I have a little widget on the right side of my blog where you can ask questions any time. If anyone is interested in signing up as a Hobbyist or Consultant, you can do so by clicking here.

OK, now onto the winner of my blog candy....drum roll please...
Congratulations to Nicole who was the very first person to post a comment. How often does that happen? chose #1. Nicole, please email me your mailing address so that I can get your goodies out to you. *Ü*
Thanks again for sharing your questions and comments with me! *Ü*

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  1. WOW, when I posted and then realized I was the first I figured I pretty much had no chance at winning, that's so crazy!! I sent you an email, thanks so much!!! :) I read your blog whenever you post something new and will certainly continue to do so, I love seeing all your artwork!