Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It is a GREAT Day! It's Time for Some Blog Candy!

It is a great day! I just got back from my post-op appointment and was told that my biopsy was negative. NO CANCER! Woo-Hoo! If you are interested, you can read more about my wonderful surgery and zillions of doctor's appointments on my family blog. Thanks for all of the good wishes and prayers! celebrate 100K blog hits, I have put together a little package of goodies for some lucky winner. All you need to do to enter is to leave me a comment on this post with some good lunch box lunch ideas. (My son just started Kindergarten and I am already running out of healthy lunch ideas for my super picky 6 year old. I would LOVE some suggestions!) I will pick a lucky winner using on Friday.

Here is what my blog candy includes:
  • (2) sheets of Making Memories Clear Alpha Stickers
  • (3) sheets of Provocraft Roll Alpha Stickers
  • (2) Sheets of Phrase Café Stickers
  • (4) Sheets of Phrase and Alpha Stickers (source unknown?)
  • February 2008 Card Trends Magazine
  • Memory Makers Fast & Easy Scrapbooking - Special Issue
  • Memories Makers Magazine
  • CTMH Card Confidence Program Volume One
  • CTMH World's Best Day Stamp Set
  • CTMH Autumn Leaves Craft Buttons
  • CTMH Rhinestone Flowers
  • CTMH Metal Charms
  • CTMH Clear Shapes
  • $20 Close to my Heart Gift Certificate to use on any CTMH products!
Good Luck! *Ü*


  1. That's such terrific news and the perfect reasons for Blog Candy! LOL Big hugs coming your way for your news!

    For a kindergartner, I like to pack celery and peanut butter with chocolate chips "ants" for them to put on themselves.

  2. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! I'm so happy that the tests were negative for cancer!!!

    Congrats on so many blog hits, that's impressive missy!

    A great site to check for lunch ideas (and so many other subjects) is Just check under the back to school section!

  3. WOOHOO! CONRATS on the great news!!!! My friend and CTMH downline over @ recently wrote 2 posts about lunch box menus, so maybe you can find some inspiration there. Tell her I sent you!

  4. Great news, thank God! has some great ideas this month to pack in lunches.

  5. That is great news that you are cancer free. What a relief. Your blog is such a creative inspiration. Keep up the good work! As far as lunches, I found that once my daughter was in K5 and was watching what other kids ate she got less picky. Hopefully that will work for you.

  6. Congrats on the negative results from the biopsy. That is absolutely wonderful news.

    A second congrats on 100K hits on your blog. What great candy.

    I'm trying to think what you could pack for your little one. We do pb& j and then I put in some sort of fruit and a little treat. I do agree with another comment that kids get a bit less picky when they see their friends eating things they normally wouldn't like.

  7. Yeah, no cancer, what a blessing!!
    As for lunches, this is such a good idea, I am running out of ideas too...I have sent different sandwiches, cheese,meat, and crackers. I will have to go and check out those websites the girls are talking about :)

  8. wow so many great things for you in life! lets see... i think if you get one of those thermose (sp?) containers... you know, similar to the ones for coffe but shorter and fatter for kids lunches you can pack anything! soups in those were my favorite when i was little

  9. Congrats on both your test results and your awesome blog hit number!!! One of my kids favorite "sandwiches" is really a flour torilla with creme cheese in it rolled up. You can even cut them up into little pinwheels if you are so inclined. A little cocktail toothpick makes it seem really festive too! Again, Congrats to you!!!

  10. congrats, what fantastic news!!!

    kinder lunch...pbj rollups?
    cheese and crackers?
    lunch meant with cream cheese rolled up?
    good luck and am crossing my fingers to win!!!

  11. I love your blog!! Thanks for the chance to win. Im so happy that your test came back negative:-)
    I don't know if I have any lunch ideas. My son is 18 mo. and I never know what to feed him. Hes so picky!! Right now his thing is mac and cheese and I don't know if that would make a good lunch:-)

  12. cored apple loaded with peanut kids loved it!

  13. Wonderful news! Congratulations!! I don't have alot of lunch box ideas, but this is one I can't live without. My daughter is VERY picky and loves her pb&j sandwiches. I always keep some made and frozen in sandwich bags. That way when we are in a pinch or late, I can just pull one out and it is defrosted by lunch time!

  14. God is Good! That is such awesome news Lisa......

  15. Glad to hear your medical news! As for the lunch box, due to allergies some schools have a thing against peanut butter (ours was one of them). My daughter loved cheese and crackers and strawberries but her favorite thing about lunch was the note I put in her lunchbox every day (and still do - she's going into 3rd grade). Good luck.

  16. Very glad to hear the good news.

    My son is starting kindergarten on Tuesday. I'm nervous for him... lol. He did go to head start for 2 years but now he'll be going 5 days a week... FULL days, I don't know how I will handle that :( my little man... lol

    I don't know about ideas for lunch, but a lunch box idea could be to put a little card or something in his lunch box in case he's missing you at school! I'm thinking about doing that.

  17. What great news!!! Thanks for sharing.
    For my kid I like to buy the pre-packed fruit cups. My son really likes the peaches.
    Have a great day!!!
    Tricia Gall

  18. Congrats on being Cancer free and the great number of hits on your blog - I confess I check your site everyday cause I LOVE your artwork.
    As for lunch ideas you brought back some memories for me as my daughter was also very fussy, would only take salads or veggies and dip for her lunches (20yrs ago)
    Good Luck

  19. What great news!!

    As for lunch box ideas -- how about a turkey rollup in a tortilla (with cheese, mayo, turkey, etc) instead of a turkey sandwich.

    Apple slices dipped in peanut butter and granola.

  20. I'm a preschool teacher and I have
    found that some picky eaters like
    chicken nuggets (fun shapes),
    rolled deli meat and fun shapes
    of cheese. Some love Gogurt too.
    My son is the King of picky eaters
    and I still have trouble finding
    something he'll eat!!! So glad
    your medical tests came back negative. I've had some of the same issues myself, glad it's over too! Love your blog and the great ideas. CTMH is my all time FAVE!

  21. So happy to hear the GREAT news, Lisa! Woohoo! Big hugs to you!

    I also struggle with creative lunch ideas for my kiddos and am excited to see the other comments with suggestions - so thank you for that! :-) I have one picky eater and one that will eat just about anything so I always need ideas! Thanks for this chance at some fun candy, Lisa!

  22. Great Giveaway...please count me in. Check out for some great ideas. Also, you'll want to check out for some awesome back to school printable items...especially if your child is a Star Wars fan.

  23. One of my favorite lunch box ideas comes from a friend's dad: Every nite before a school day (until high school) Kevin's dad would write a short note of encouragement and draw a funny picture on his lunch bag. (E.g. "You Rock!" with a picture of a stick figure holding up a HUGE rock.) Word spread among his friends and they always came over to look at his lunch bag. Kevin even hung up all of those lunch bags in his room. It was a constant reminder of how much his dad loved him! As for food, homemade Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing for dipping and carrot sticks were a big hit for my kids.

  24. For the over-achiever in you - also check out this site:

  25. Hi Lisa, Glad to hear all went well with your Doctor appointment. Don't know if I qualify, living in Canada. It'd been a loooong time since I packed my son's lunchboxes, I have a Granddaughter starting Jr. Kindergarden in a couple of weeks. My lunch box idea would be to put in homemade cookies. I know it's not necessarily healthy, but LOVE ADDS A LITTLE CHOCOLATE.

  26. Congratulations on your GREAT news!!! That is wonderful!!! As far as lunch ideas go...try pretzel sticks with a small container of peanut butter so he can dip them! Yummy and healthy, too!

  27. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing all of your beautiful work, and to say how happy I am you received good news!

  28. Congrats on the diagnosis and nothing scary! Also congrats on the 100K hits! Wow! Shapes, it's all about shapes - cut sandwiches with cookie cutters (I still have a million cutters of all different things - and my youngest just left for college!). Cut fruit and cheese into shapes too! Have fun, they grow up way too fast!

  29. Congratulations on your medical news! I had a scare earlier this month so I can definitely relate. How about mini bagels with flavored cream cheese - my boys are older now, but strawberry cream cheese was their favorite.

  30. Wow...what wonderful news!

    My tip for lunches would be to use large cookie cutter shapes to cut sandwiches and little surprise notes of encouragement.

  31. So thankful to hear you are in great health. And congrats on your blog hits! Very impressive!

    For about yogurt and granola or pizza sandwich with sauce, cheese and veges (made on an english muffin)

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  33. Lisa such wonderful news...God blesses and blesses. Big hug and praises for being cancer free.

    My lunch box suggestion that my kids loved was Sand and don't laugh...Peanut Butter sandwiches with gummy worms on top...they may have picked off the worms but at least I was giving them something nutritious too hehe.

    Great news and God bless you good. Iona

  34. Congrats on your test results and on your huge number of blog hits!

    Kindergarten... and to think this is only the beginning of the lunch dilemmas. I have a picky boy, so I know how difficult it can be. I know my son is always asking for those Lunchables, but they are so full of bad stuff and way too much bad fats, but the idea of them is fun. How about picking up lunch meats and cheeses that he likes and creating your own "lunchable" that he would eat. Add a milk or 100% juice box and voila, a fun lunch that's quick to put together. :)


  35. I pack my son PEAbutter (no nuts allowed in his school) on graham crackers instead of a sandwich and I find he eats it all, as comapred to a small portion of his sandwich when we send that.

  36. What wonderful news about your biopsy!

    As for lunch for a 6 year old..good luck! My 5 year old is the pickiest child around! My daughter likes peanut butter and cinnamon graham cracker sandwiches. Instead of jelly or fluff. Sounds strange but she loves it. If you are in a peanut free zone..maybe some homemade crackers or rolls with jelly. Sorry I am not much help but like I said daughter won't eat hardly anything! If only she was like her older brother and younger sister!

  37. Congratulations on being cancer free Lisa and on so many blog hits.

    I have a picky eater too who just started Kindergarten. I send peanut butter and jelly, or cheese, crackers, and sliced meat with him. Every now and then he gets a Nutella sandwich too. For dessert he gets fruit cups, Gogurt, applesauce, Goldfish crackers, yogurt covered raisins, Teddy Grahams, etc. Good luck!

  38. Congrats on your hits and great candy! I have always made my kids eat the school lunch but I think it has gotten so overpriced ($2.20 plus seconds that can cost .75-$1)that it's not worth it so this year they get the option to bring a sack lunch. It has been the mommy talk lately. My kids love lunchables so we make our own with meat/cheese/crackers. If they like the pizza you can also make your own with english muffins, pizza or spaghetti sauce, and cheese (send the toppings in small containers so they still get to make their own. If you freeze applesauce it will be like a slushy by lunchtime and will also serve as an ice pack in their lunchbox. Grapes, yogurt, and cheese stick are great sides. Grapes are also good frozen! I like to have those options for grab-n-go (unplanned!).
    Wendy K.

  39. Wonderful news for you. What a great day!

    For picky eaters, sandwiches without crust maybe cut with cookie cutters to make them interesting?
    String cheese. Yogurt cups? or gogurt? I like to peel apples and cut them up into a container for my husband. He is picky too. lol
    Rice cakes? Carmel Corn ones are pretty good.

    Maggie Sorensen CTMH consultant.

  40. Lisa, I thank God that your tests are negative.