Friday, July 10, 2009

Why are CTMH My Acrylix stamps so great?

Have you ever wondered why Close to my Heart My Acrylix® stamps are so much better than other company's clear stamps? There are a lot of technical reasons why, but there is a video that says it all. Click here to see the fun video.

If you are interested in the technical reasons why CTMH stamps are better than the rest, here is some GREAT information!

Close To My Heart began producing clear polymer stamps in 2003, one of the first to offer clear stamps on the market. This introduction created a revolution in the industry and has been a major milestone in the growth and success of the company. The clear, decorative stamps are easy to use and store, offering complete creative control and artistic precision on every project.

RETAIL PRICE: $10.95-$34.95 (stamp sets, sizes A-E)
$3.95-$17.95 (acrylic blocks)


  • Precision: Clear mounting blocks make it possible to stamp in exactly the right spot, time after time. Our exclusive blocks allow you to see exactly where the stamp is placed and whether there is even coverage of the ink on the design.
  • Versatility: Mix and match stamp images to create your own unique designs, backgrounds, and borders. You can choose a block that perfectly fits an individual image, or design your own “scenes” by placing multiple images on a larger-sized block.
  • Simplicity: Stamps are easy to maintain, store, and transport. Pre-organized storage envelopes are durable, well-labeled, color-coded by category, and compact.
  • Assemble a title, word, or phrase on your block, then just keep stamping (no more individual letter stamping). This is especially useful when creating invitations, announcements, or a set of cards.
  • Manipulate the stamp images on the block to create curves or waves. Stamps have a “memory,” and will always go back to their original shape.
  • Available in over 4,000 designs, styles, and themes. My Acrylix® stamp sets come in five sizes (with corresponding prices): A, B, C, D, and E.
  • Compact, durable, portable, easy-to-use organizers are available for both stamp sets (My Acrylix® Organizer) and acrylic blocks (My Acrylix® Block Organizer).

DIFFERENTIATORS: As clear stamps are becoming more popular on the market, other companies are starting to follow the trail Close To My Heart blazed almost six years ago. But not all clear stamps are created equal. Close To My Heart My Acrylix® stamp sets reflect the production expertise, the variety of designs, and the quality materials that guarantee a superior stamp set that will deliver consistently beautiful, lasting artwork. Three areas make Close To My Heart My Acrylix stamps different from anything else on the market:.

Using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in an on-site production facility, a team of experts in polymer work know exactly how to handle the materials through production, carefully controlling temperature, moisture, production speed, and the many other variables that affect quality. This labor-intensive process ensures the highest quality standards and allows for the production of very finely detailed stamp designs that many other manufacturers can’t duplicate. Base-and-shade stamps, distressed designs, toile-and lace-style artwork, and even tiny script fonts, to name a few, retain incredible clarity and detail not found in most clear stamps on the market. The depth and cut of the stamp grab the ink well, but minimize blurring and “fill in.”

While clear polymer is available from a variety of sources, there are many levels of durability, flexibility, and quality that may be initially indistinguishable to the human eye. As the leader in clear stamps, Close To My Heart has continued to refine materials and improve their performance and aesthetics, using the top grade of polymer produced today. By putting the polymer through rigorous testing including aging and environmental tests to ensure that with proper care the stamps will last for generations. The stamps can be easily stretched, arched, or angled for a variety of different “looks” in artwork, where as many other companies’ products are stiff and rigid, with a strong smell, too sticky or not sticky enough, and yellow easily within a few weeks of purchase.

With approximately 450 “active” stamp sets at any time, Close To My Heart offers more than 4,000 individual designs in My Acrylix® clear stamps. Many of these designs were created to complement each other, making it easy to build a library of sets that coordinate in themes and sentiments. The packaging is also unique on the market—not only does the flexible envelope protect the stamps inside, it allows for convenient storage, organization and retrieval. The unique carrier sheets include all designs already cut (many manufacturers require the purchaser to cut out the stamps), and make it easy to view the positive design.


  1. Initial Use: Loosen the image on all sides and peel slowly from the carrier sheet. To condition a stamp for first time use, rub the stamp vigorously across the surface of any stamp pad and stamp on a scratch paper. Repeat the process two to three times, clean, and then stamp as usual.
  2. To minimize the amount of staining on a new stamp, use a light neutral stamp pad first, like Bamboo.
  3. Center the image on an appropriately sized My Acrylix® block. When using alphabet stamps, place each letter on the line guide for accurate spacing and alignment.
  4. Ink the stamp, place the image in the designed location, and apply even downward pressure. For best results, always use the included foam pad to cushion your card or layout.
  5. Cleaning: The My Acrylix™ Spritz Cleaner and the Double Scrubber are available to clean the stamps and help retain the ability to cling to the block and the carrier sheet. After use clean both the front and the back of the stamp.
And there you have it. Close to my Heart makes the best clear stamps in the industry!

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  1. What a great, informational post. Your customers will love it and appreciate that you cared enough to give them great information.

  2. Great information! My husband is researching Close to My Heart for his marketing class and he is blown away by the entire company. I will definitely forward this for him to read. I love being a consultant for such a great company!!

  3. I have a question on the duble scrubber. When I clean my stamps with the Spritz cleaner and th edouble scrubber no matter what color I have used it leaves a pink/red tint on my stamps.Even if I have used bamboo or amethysist say. These really light colors still shows a different color than used on the stamp. It is like the black of the scrubber is causing a tint to go to the stamp. I know I didn't explain this very well but have you experienced anything like this? Thanks for all the tips.