Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A little beef...

I have not wanted to post this because I want my blog to be uplifting and positive, but I just can't keep silent any longer. Please, please, please don't copy anyone's photos, artwork, or text without asking them first. I cannot tell you how many times I have visited someone's blog or website and found my photos and/or text that has been copied word for word, typos and all, with no mention as to where they got them. I am so flattered that people actually like my work and want to share it with others. However, I work very hard to create and photograph my projects, and write my copy. As you can tell I am a horrible copywriter so I wonder why anyone would even want to lift my copy. LOL!

I am more than willing to share my ideas


  1. Sorry about this Lisa. It's happened to me before by people who know better. Hope to see more great stuff from you, soon!

  2. Lisa,

    I'm so sorry! I've read both of your posts on this subject. I am guilty as charged. Please forgive me as I'm new to blogging and still learning the etiquette. I ruthlessly copied your Tickled Pink birthday card (I did give you credit with a link to your site) but I did not ask your permission. I promise I will ask in the future.


  3. Amen sister! Always give credit where credit is due and Always ask permission to use someones pics and text! :-) Thanks for the reminder!

    Fellow CTMH sister,

    P.S. I LOVE your artwork and your blog! Keep the good stuff coming!