Monday, November 17, 2008

"Public Service Announcement"

I am shamelessly using my blog today for a "public service announcement." I just came back from having my very first mammogram. I know I am only 38 years old and that you aren't supposed to start having them until you are 40, but breast cancer runs in my family, so I actually should have started having them a few years ago. I was either pregnant or nursing the past few years, so I put it off.

After years of hearing horror stories about mammograms, I have to say, it was the quickest, easiest procedure ever. So, here is my PSA, "GO HAVE A MAMMOGRAM!" Don't listen to those who say it was horrible, painful, whatever... It was a piece of cake and it is one more way to help screen for breast cancer. While I am at it, I might as well remind you to do your monthly self exams too. (I need to be better about that myself.)

OK, back to your regularly scheduled programming...

I should have something crafty to post for you soon. I just need to take some photos.


  1. I'm 42 and on my third one. You are right. I was like, "what's all the fuss about?!". It was totally pain free. Maybe its different for different people depending on size, etc., but I've had nothing but good experiences. And its so important!

  2. I've been having mine done for a few years now (I'm 43) and haven't had any issues or problems with discomfort. Along the same lines but further "south" don't neglect paps either! While it's a little more uncomfortable it's too important to miss this one!

    Congrats on getting yours done! Hugs!

  3. I think that size and breast density do make a difference. Before I had my breast reduction 3 years ago, my mamms were very painful. They left me sore and badly bruised and I had limited arm movement for several days. But now that I have more average sized breasts, my mamms are better. I still have the same person doing them, so I can't really say it was 'operator error'. Just my thoughts...

  4. I totally agree - GO GET SQUISHED! It could possibly save your life!!!!!

  5. Lisa,
    Thanks for the encouragement. I have been putting mine off because of the fear.

  6. I am 37 and I had my first mammo a month ago because my OB/GYN said it is good to have one as a baseline. Since it was normal, I don't need to have regularly scheduled ones until I'm 40. It was a little uncomfortable but not painful enough to not get one done!

  7. Ladies,
    I'm 38 and a 1 year survivor with no family history. Please press on and have all your sisters, mom's, aunts, cousins and friends do their BSE every month. And please join
    ps Keep scrapping.