Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Anniversary Card

First I need to acknowledge that my last post was incorrect. My sweet friend Bren actually does have a blog. I had no idea. Let me just say it is fabulous too! Check it out here. I also realized after I looked at her cute snowman card again that I completely forgot to add a scarf to my little guy. Oops. He is going to be cold. *Ü*

Onto my card...Today is not only election day, but also our anniversary. I am having flashbacks of our honeymoon 8 years ago when I told my hubby I would love it if there would be no TV during our honeymoon week in Hawaii. He agreed and told me that the only time he would watch TV would be to find out who won the election. Well, if you can imagine, we watched the news the ENTIRE week and by the time we got home from our honeymoon, we still didn't know who won the election. (All those crazy hanging chads. LOL!) I have a feeling that tonight may be a bit of the same. We may end up eating a nice anniversary dinner while watching FOX News. *Ü*

We decided to go very simple this year and not buy each other anything. We agreed to either make something, write something, or do something that didn't cost any money. This morning he got down on his knee and read our wedding vows to me and told me that he was renewing them and that he wanted to marry me all over again. Soooo sweet!! I didn't think of anything that creative so I made him a card with a list of things that I love about him. Here is the card:
I used a few minimal items for this card, but that was my goal. I didn't want it to be about the fancy card. I wanted it to be about what was written inside.

Stamps: SU! Short & Sweet, CTMH, Extreme Caps
: CTMH Cranberry & White Daisy
Inks: Black & Cranberry
Other: Nestibilities Scallop Rectangle and Regular Rectangle, Prisma Glitter, 3-D Foam Squares


  1. Happy Anniversary! Hey if you can make through your Honeymoon with "hanging chads"...you can make it thru just about anything!

    Love your card! (because of the sentiment inside not because it's simple)

    Hope you have a nice romantic evening in front of the TV. LOL

  2. Happy 8th anniversary. I hope you can squeeze a semi-nice dinner and won't have to listen to election stuff all night long.

    I love the card. What a thoughtful thing to do. I'm sure he will appreciate the sentiments inside.

  3. Love it! This is a great idea! He is going to love it too!

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you two have some fun memories trying to celebrate something so special (and soooo completely different from presidential elections, thankfully!). ;)

    I love your card -- very elegant, yet not fussy, and your meaningful sentiments so meaningful make this a perfect card for the occasion (your anniversary...not the election! lol). tfs

  5. How lovely!! I think it's perfect :D Guys like simple cards better anyway! Happy Anniversary (I know it's late ^_~)