Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My "Lifted" Snowman (and a little whining)...

Well, all I can say is that I am glad today is over. I had a root canal this morning on a tooth that has been bothering me since March! Going to the dentist is one of my least favorite things in the entire world. I had two children with no drugs and I have to say going to the dentist is worse!! You may think I am exaggerating, and I may be just a bit, but going to the dentist certainly is not fun. They can never get me numb enough and today I had to have FIVE shots before I was finally numb enough for them to finish the job. I am sorry for my whining. I usually save my complaining for my hubby, but I think he is tired of hearing it today. LOL!

Anyway, onto my card. Well, actually I can't really say that it is my card because my friend Bren is the one who came up with the cute creation. I just shamelessly lifted her idea and made my own. (Thanks for the inspiration Bren!) Bren doesn't have a blog, but she does have some fantastic artwork posted on her website if you'd like to check it out here.
This cute little snowman is from CTMH's November stamp of the month called All Decked Out. It is a "build a snowman" type of set and is soooo cute. I also used some patterned paper from the Aspen collection along with some Bamboo and Twilight cardstock. I used a White Gel Pen and some Prisma Glitter on the tag and snow. I also added a few CTMH tiny Clear Sparkles to the snowflakes. The ear muffs are from CTMH's new Winter Cozy Mini-Medley pack. They are Twilight colored cordory brads. Aren't they fun? Bren's neighbor came up with that idea. Cute, huh?I colored his nose in with an Orange marker and shaded his body with a Grey Flannel marker. The only other things I used were a foam tool to add some ink around the edges and an edge distresser to rough up the edges a bit. The ribbon is retired CTMH Colonial White Organdy ribbon.

Well, that's about it for me. I am off to take some more pain killers. Nighty-night. *Ü*


  1. I'm right there with you with the dentist thing! You're allowed to whine some, the dentist is mean and horirble! LOL.

    I LOVE your snowman card and how you have embellished it. The cord. brads are awesome! What a cute idea! I have the set, but not the paper pack. Might have to "lift" your "lifted" design! Secon generation lifting. Kewl.

  2. Ouch! I'm so sorry you have had such a rough day. Whining is deserve to after having had 5 shots!

    Your snowman is absolutely adorable! LOVE the corduroy brads as ear muffs!

    When I was a consultant Bren was my upline's upline and I agree...she's extremely talented!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. This is absolutely awesome! I love the ear muffs. That is a great idea! GREAT job!

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I,too, do not like the dentist. Have always had great fears and take them with me into the chair. Glad that it's over for you. Love that snowman. I will have to scraplift that one.

  5. I think I'd rather give birth than go to the dentist!
    Well, almost! Glad you like my card! Yes, I DO have a blog!
    I'm new at this stuff though!!!

  6. Very ,very cute. I LOVE this set, now where is the sentiment from.

  7. Lisa,

    I am SOOO with you on the whole dentist thing. My root canal took 7 hours and all the meds from two exam rooms...and still wasn't completed. I had to then go to a specialist! I'd rather have major surgery than dental work!

    I love your card. This is one of my all time favorite stamps so far. I LOVE snowmen and your card showcases him so well.


  8. Very cute! I love the little earmuffs!

  9. HI Lisa!

    Oh, I'm sorry about your root canal. Oooh, don't even remind me about the dentist. It reminds me of being strapped to an electric chair! LOL!

    Love your friend's card. That ear muff is so cute and the snowman so adorable.

    Other than the pain, I hope all is well with you!!


  10. I'm usually okay with the dentist, but that's probably because I numb real easy, lol. Sorry it was so terrible for you!

    I'm loving your snowman card, though brad ear muffs take the cake!! He's darling and that sentiment is so perfect!

  11. This is adorable!!! Love the earmuffs!