Thursday, May 22, 2008

Two great finds today!

Ok, so I have fallen in love with these little acrylic discs that everyone has been using on their cards and could never find them. Both Jeanne and Kathi posted that you can get them at Michaels. Jeanne posted a photo that really helped me find them. (Thanks Jeanne!) In fact they are in the clearance section for only $2 a bag! I bought all the colors they had.
Then as I was walking around the store looking for who knows what, I found a great storage option for them. In the wedding section, they had a box of small jars that looked kind of like old fashioned candy jars. (They are meant to be party favors.) They were $19.95 and of course I left my 40% off coupon at home. Since they only had one box left, I bought them and am glad I did. They are so cute. I filled a few of them with some of the acrylic discs and lined up a few more so that you could see what they look like. Cute, huh? Now I just need to make some cards with them! LOL!


  1. Wow, you hit a bargain---they look delicious! I have passed on a couple of award to you for your verve & creativity! Check out my blog to "pick them up"!

  2. Hi Lisa, my name is Lisa also, and I love your blog. Thank you for sharing your faith on your blog as well. May I add you to my blog?

  3. I found them at my Michaels too for only $2, I was doing the happy dance! Now, I NEED those little jars! Love your blog and visit everyday.

  4. Oh no! You, too?!!! Starla and I got some of these last week at my Michaels. I posted them on my blog, too! LOL

    That is SO funny!

  5. I could not find them at any M's here in the Sacramento my favorite source in CANADA had to ship them to me!
    Love the little jars and will have to add those to my MM shelves too!
    Great blog, Lisa!

  6. I'm a bit behind in my blog reading (busy week last week)...I am SO glad you were able to find the discs and that my photo helped you locate them.

    Love the little jars, too. Dang, I used to have some of those and gave them away after them sitting for a long time gathering dust. This is a perfect use for them. Sigh....