Saturday, May 10, 2008

Scrapbooking with Lisa Bearnson 5

Anyone else out there addicted to Lisa Bearnson's products? I love her design style and tend to purchase anything that has her name on it. Of course when QVC offered her "Scrapbooking with Lisa Bearnson Book 5" last weekend, I had to order it to add to my collection. I was so excited when it arrived yesterday.

All of the books in this series come with a great album kit and other goodies. This one came with a really cool folder album kit and some foam stamps. I put the entire album together in a matter of an hour and have been searching for some appropriate photos to add. (I still have a bunch more to add plus my journaling, but couldn't wait to show it to you.)
The funny thing is that when I was working on the album this morning, my kids were playing (so I thought.) It turns out that Hannah somehow go into a box of CheezIts, dumped them all over, and was eating them off the floor. When I discovered this, my first reaction was, of course, to grab my camera. The page in the album about “lessons learned” is the perfect page for one of these shots. One of the best lessons that I have learned since having kids, is not to take things too seriously. When something like this happens, instead of getting mad, grab your camera because even if it doesn't seem funny now, it will be later. These moments pass too quickly. *Ü*

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  1. Lisa,

    LOL I grab my camera at moments like that too. DH tells me I'm recording my mistakes as a mother (as in "if you had been watching the kids, she never would have gotten the paint out") ... but, I say "Whatever" to that. :) We're not perfect (and, hello, sometimes I just want to go to the bathroom with the door shut!), and certain kiddo messes are simply clean-up-able. Right? :)

    Have a great one Lisa.