Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fun Photoshop Border

OK. I know this isn't a card or a scrapbook page, but I just had to share this fun (and easy) photo border treatment. First of all, I have to give credit for this adorable photo to a fabulous photographer named Wendy Whitacre of Blue Lily Photography. She took some great photos of my kiddos and me last summer. Be sure to check out her website! She is absolutely amazing!

This is a photo she took of my daughter. (Isn't she a cutie? Hee-hee.) If you like Photoshop, Jessica Sprague has some wonderful classes and tutorials on her website. This border was a free download from her blog. Check out the instructions here. Super quick and super easy. Have some fun and try it yourself on one of your photos...


  1. What a cutie and i love what you did with PS. I have 7.0 so i know i can mess with it. I'm going to save her site. TFS

  2. Oh my goodness! What a an adorable photo! Your little one is so sweet, but I have to say the composition on this photo is fantastic.

    Love what you did with the border! Jessica is such a great teacher, don't you think?

    I'm glad you got to play and have such fantastic results!!

  3. This photo is so cute. Between you and Jeanne, I'm convinced I need to visit Jessica Sprague's website.