Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Precious Ryan

Even though it was almost 4 years ago, I still remember the day I took these photos. It was a really hot day and I had my little guy wearing nothing but a diaper to stay cool. I spread out my soft down comforter and we played on the floor for a while. He looked so cute that, of course, I had to grab my camera. These are a few of the shots that I took. It’s hard to believe that my precious Ryan is now a tall (although very skinny) 4-1/2 year old.

As with most of my old scrapbooking stash, I’m not sure where most of the products came from. I’ve had the metal-type letters and labels lying around forever. I am glad to finally use them.

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  1. Yes, our precious babies grow up too fast! My Vinny is 5 [will be 6 in Feb.] and I am just barely scrapping his 23-month pages.