Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A last minute change of plans...

OK. So I have had this workshop scheduled for months. My hostess wanted to wait until the new CTMH catalog came out in January so that we could figure out what she and her guests were going to make. When I saw the new catty, I told her about the Silhouette papers and how much I loved them. So we decided to use them for a few cards and have an all-occasion card workshop.

While I was making the cards I thought it would be a great idea to have a variety of colors and papers, so I used a bunch of different papers including some pastels. Well, when I was done, I didn't like that everything was so different, so I designed more pastel cards so that everything would match. I was excited about the "spring" theme.

The night before the workshop, I called my hostess to confirm how many people were coming and to ask her how she liked the photo of the projects that I emailed her. She said she liked them but thought we talked about using the Silhouette papers on some of the cards. I got so into making sure that everything matched, that I forgot that she wanted to use that paper. Totally my own fault!! So I redesigned some of the cards with the black and white paper and then got frustrated again because it just looked so funny to have some of the cards pastel colors and some black and white. So, I ended up redoing all of the cards with the black and white papers and then recut all of the supplies. I think they turned out so much better with the black and white paper, so I am really glad that I redid them. Everyone at the workshop seemed to enjoy them too.

Here are the original projects with the pastel colors and the new ones with the black and white Silhouette papers:
This is the original workshop.
This is the revised workshop.
Here are close-ups of the cards using different papers and colors...


  1. Wow! I hope that hostess and her guests were good to you! You certainly went the extra mile for them. Your cards are absolutely beautiful - each and every one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. All of the cards are beautiful but I actually love how the black and white stands out! I'm glad your hostess and guests loved your project. Sounds as if you worked really hard to create those wonderful cards and tote!!